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Lift Safety and Safety Devices

Looking for a lift that will be best for you and also provide you with all the safety that you need? Well here is what you need to look for while buying a safe lift:

Speed governor: it governs if the lift is moving too fast and stops it if necessary. This helps avoid any situation when the lifts move faster than it is supposed to and thus avoid accidents.

Safety gear: these are of three types – Instantaneous safety gears (The rated speed of elevators using this type of safety is limited to 0.63 m/s.). This is usually found in low speed, low travel applications

Instantaneous safety gears with buffering effect. This reduces shock by the use of oil-filled buffers. This type of safety gear is used up to rated speeds of 1.0 m/s. but it is quite expensive so it’s not used as often.

Progressive safety gears, this type has to be used for speeds in excess of 1.0 m/s and is often also used at all rated speed exceeding 0.63 m/s. This is used to prevent dangerously high retardation levels over longer periods of time, which could prove to be harmful to the passengers.

Buffer: A buffer stops a descending car or counterweight beyond its normal limit and softens the force with which the elevator runs into the pit during an emergency. They are of two types- polyurethane or oil type. Polyurethane buffers used for lifts that have rated speed not more than 1 m/sec. Oil buffers are used for lifts with speeds higher than 200 feet per minute.

Door sensor: This is an elevator device that stops the lift doors from closing after detecting a passenger or an object on the doorway. After the sensors detect the person or object, the door reopens then stays open and does not close until the person or object is moved.

Door interlock: This device ensures that the inner and outer doors are closed before the elevator moves. Door interlock are of two types of door interlocks – mechanical and electrical, but most elevators nowadays are using mixed door interlocks. But using only am electrical interlocks is safer.

Automatic Rescue Device (ARD): This device is used in case of emergency. If any power failure occurs this device helps the elevator to land safely to the nearest floor preventing passengers from becoming trapped inside .This safety device is a must for all elevators.


All these are just primary safety devices needed for your elevator- be it in your home, apartment, workplace, hospital or factory. So if you ensure these, you will be able to use your lift without any worries.

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